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Riding a bicycle offers many benefits, but whether you’re enjoying the area’s scenery or riding to work, you can suffer devastating harm if a car or truck collides with your bike. Jeffrey S. Bowman in Augusta has represented local injury victims since 1990 and can help you assert your legal rights. I’ll answer your questions and take legal action against the negligent motorists so that you can secure payment for your healthcare expenses, wages missed while out of work and pain and suffering endured.

Established firm seeks compensation from negligent car and truck drivers

If you were hurt when the bicycle you were riding was struck by a motor vehicle, my firm offers comprehensive counsel so that you can pursue justice against the driver who was responsible. Drawing on my more than three decades of legal experience, I can discuss pertinent issues including:

  • Traumatic brain injuries — Georgia bicycle riders over 16 years old are not required to wear helmets. Regardless of whether you have protection for your head or not, colliding with motor vehicle could result in a traumatic brain injury. This type of damage is not always apparent in the days and weeks after an accident. Drawing on my experience and relationships with medical experts, I pursue a resolution that satisfactorily addresses the current and future effects of a bicycle accident.
  • Proving fault — Even today, some motorists are unaware of the laws that exist to help bicycles and cars share the road safely. An accident may also result when someone looking at their phone or distracted in some other way does not see a bike out of the corner of their eye quickly enough to react. My firm evaluates the evidence thoroughly to reconstruct what led to the accident. Defendant drivers, their insurance companies and their lawyers may try to shift the blame for the collision to you, but I push back and use my skill and experience to demonstrate where the fault lies.
  • Compensation — Many bicycle accident personal injury cases are resolved through settlement agreements. To negotiate from a position of strength, it’s important to have an attorney who understands what type of compensation a victim can recover at trial. Georgia plaintiffs can seek damages to collect reimbursement for calculable costs, such as medical bills and the income lost while out of work due to the injury. They can also recover damages for pain and suffering along with other types of noneconomic losses. You can collect damages even if  you are partly responsible for the accident as long as your share of fault is less than 50 percent.

As with other car accident cases, the statute of limitations for bicycle collision claims in Georgia is two years. However, it’s wise to act quickly so that information and witnesses critical to proving your case can be located.

Dedicated litigator handles all types of bicycle collision claims

Bicyclists are completely exposed to the impact of a vehicle in a crash with a car or truck. I have an extensive background in cases involving catastrophic harm and I am familiar with the particular types of bicycle accidents that lead to injuries. Whether you’ve been hurt during a turn, in a sideswipe from a vehicle, by an opening car door or in some other way while riding your bike, I’ll seek full financial compensation in settlement negotiations or at trial.

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Jeffrey S. Bowman in Augusta represents Georgia bicycle riders who have been struck by motor vehicles. Please call 706-303-1584 or contact me online for a free consultation. 

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