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Riding a motorcycle in the open air has its thrills but if a collision occurs, riders’ lack of protection exposes them to serious injuries. That’s why it’s important for drivers of cars and trucks to share the road safely and obey the laws designed to protect motorcycle riders. When this does not occur and a biker is hurt in a crash, Jeffrey S. Bowman in Augusta delivers strong legal support so that the victim can collect the money they need to deal with their injuries.

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Though all motorcycle drivers and passengers in Georgia are required to wear helmets, crash victims are still susceptible to severe harm, such as traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, internal injuries and skin abrasions. With more than three decades of experience assisting victims of motorcycle and car accidents in personal injury litigation, I understand how to give my clients the best chance to come away with a verdict or settlement that fully compensates them for:

  • Current and future medical bills — Even a short hospital stay can be very costly and a motorcycle accident victim might require extensive, lengthy treatment. Accordingly, it is vital to find an attorney who can maximize the financial recovery.
  • Lost wages — My firm presses to gain compensation for the income that a biker loses while unable to work. This way, you can concentrate on the healing process rather than worrying about meeting your basic needs.
  • Damages for pain and suffering — Getting into a motorcycle accident can be a painful and harrowing experience. Georgia law permits recovery for “noneconomic” damages, which address how you’ve suffered physically and emotionally.
  • Rehabilitation and treatment expenses — Following a bike crash, it might be a long road back to living and working as you did previously. By consulting with doctors and other experts, my firm seeks compensation for rehabilitation and therapy expenses.
  • Motorcycle repair or replacement costs — If your motorcycle is damaged or totaled, I will pursue reimbursement from the at-fault driver so that it can be fixed or replaced.

In Georgia, each motorcyclist is required to maintain a minimum amount of liability insurance. Frequently, negligent drivers and their attorneys try to shift legal responsibility by claiming that the victim triggered the accident by riding in violation of the law. Riding on the road lines between cars, known as lane splitting or lane filtering, is prohibited in Georgia. However, two bikers can travel side-by-side within a legal lane. If a question exists regarding who is at fault for the case, I’ll gather the relevant information and fight back on your behalf.

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Jeffrey S. Bowman in Augusta pursues justice for Georgia motorcycle riders who have been hurt in collisions with cars and trucks. Please call 706-303-1584 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation regarding your claim. 

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