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Large trucks are harder to handle and do much more damage in a collision than lighter vehicles. That’s why people who drive these big rigs must complete special training and observe rules that don’t apply to passenger car drivers. Despite the safety measures, serious truck accidents do occur, leading to severe and sometimes fatal injuries. Drawing on more than three decades of legal experience Jeffrey S. Bowman provides tenacious representation to Georgia residents who have been hurt after being hit by a commercial vehicle, as well as helping families pursue wrongful death damages following a deadly truck crash. From my office in Augusta, I have achieved strong results for victims and their loved ones.

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Semi-trucks and other vehicles that require operators to have commercial drivers’ licenses are potentially destructive machines. Whether you’ve been hurt due to a rear-end collision, jackknife, sideswipe, underride or a different type of crash, I will use my background as an accomplished Georgia personal injury litigator to help you assert your rights effectively against the parties responsible. I am well versed in the various factors that cause truck accidents, such as:

  • Rule violations — In addition to the normal laws against speeding and unsafe driving, commercial vehicle operators must obey strict regulations regarding rest periods, load weight and maintenance. Should a question exist regarding a potential violation, I review physical evidence, witness accounts and information from the truck’s electronic data recorder to determine if rules were broken.
  • Faulty equipment — A seemingly small problem with brakes, a trailer hitch or some other part of a truck could lead to catastrophic harm. My firm evaluates the role that faulty equipment might have played in a crash and, if warranted, takes on manufacturers, sellers and companies responsible for keeping the vehicle in good condition.
  • Distractions — Truckers often push themselves to the limit to complete their job on time. Long hours in a cab can cause a driver’s mind to drift, and cell phones and other distractions can affect his concentration. Even if it’s not noted in the police report, information about the vehicle’s activity right before the crash might indicate that the driver was not paying full attention to the road.

Some people never recover from the harm suffered in a truck collision. It is important to retain an attorney who knows how to assess the potential costs related to long-term physical effects. I have a long background in this area and will bring in medical experts when necessary to bolster my clients’ case during settlement negotiations or trial.

Skillful attorney investigates the causes of crashes involving big rigs

Determining who is legally liable after a collision involving a tractor-trailer or a different type of commercial vehicle can be much more complicated than the same analysis following a car accident. A truck driver might not own the vehicle and hazards such as excess weight might have been outside of the driver’s control. My firm conducts a detailed review to pinpoint whether carelessness on the part of a fleet owner, manufacturer, maintenance company or contracting business contributed to the crash. From there, I don’t back down in my efforts to collect a maximum financial recovery from all parties responsible.

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Jeffrey S. Bowman in Augusta, Georgia handles litigation and insurance claims stemming from all types of truck accidents. To make an appointment to discuss your legal options, please call 706-303-1584 or contact me online.

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