Can My Own Doctor Diagnose And Treat My Work-Related Injury?

There are many rules and strategies involved with workers’ compensation claims. One of the most common concerns that injured employees have is their medical treatment. If you need benefits, you should be careful about your medical appointments.

It is important to fully understand the workers’ compensation claims process and its rules from the beginning of your case. Jeffrey S. Bowman Attorney At Law can give you reliable advice and answer your questions. I am an Augusta-based lawyer with over 33 years of practice. You can count on me to provide clear guidance.

Know The Rules To Avoid Claim Denial

If you already have a doctor whom you trust, you might want them to treat your work injury or illness. However, Georgia employers and their insurers may require you to choose a doctor from a preapproved list of providers in your area. The doctor you choose will then manage your diagnosis and treatment related to your specific work injury.

In a medical emergency, you can go to the hospital of your choice. You must then choose a doctor from the preapproved panel of physicians and clinics for future care, however.

If you choose not to visit a preapproved physician, the insurance company could deny your claim – even if you have a legitimate injury. With my extensive legal knowledge about workers’ compensation, I can help you understand how to protect your claim. Contact me as early as possible after your injury to prepare your case for success.

The Rules Also Apply To Continued Care

Even after your claim is approved and you begin receiving benefits, your employer can request reasonable follow-up exams with the preapproved doctor. To continue to receive workers’ compensation benefits, you must attend these appointments.

Your benefits depend on medical recommendations. Therefore, it is important to be honest about your condition and ability level. You must also follow the doctor’s directions and complete the appropriate medication, physical therapy or other treatment plan.

Without careful planning, you may lose access to the benefits you need. For questions about your medical options while receiving benefits, reach out to me. I have helped numerous clients access and preserve workers’ compensation benefits.

I Can Help You Plan Your Care

Avoid losing your ability to file a claim or continue receiving benefits. Call 706-724-0815 or email me to discuss your case and the steps you need to take to get compensation.

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